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Get started with developing OSLC applications

“OSL-whaaaat now?”

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is a community that writes specifications to integrate software. Learn more at Why develop OSLC applications and at our main site.

For a high-level overview of how to add OSLC support to software, we recommend our video “Getting started on implementing OSLC”:

The description on YouTube includes a table of contents and links to references.

Explore our tutorial

For a more detailed look at what goes into OSLC support, read through our tutorial “Integrating Products with OSLC”, which walks you through building an adapter that adds OSLC support to the popular Bugzilla defect-tracking software.

The concepts in the tutorial are broadly applicable to other software.

If you’re building an OSLC provider (in other words, software that outputs OSLC resources), you’ll learn how to

Provide Service Providers and catalogs Represent Bugzilla bugs as OSLC Change Management resources Provide UI Previews Provide a delegated UI for finding existing bugs Provide a delegated UI for creating new bugs Allow software to programmatically create new bugs If you’re building an OSLC consumer application, you’ll learn how to:

Link to OSLC resources in another application and display previews Find, select, and create bugs without leaving the application with delegated UIs Parse OSLC resources Create new bugs automatically The tutorial has working sample applications and detailed instructions for running them.