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Working Groups

We have a variety of working groups—here and at various standards organizations—with different and occasionally overlapping interests, roles, and responsibilities.

ALM-PLM Interoperability

Define Industrial relevant scenarios for interoperability of ALM and PLM engineering.

Architecture Management

Modeling, diagrams, and use cases for software development

Lead by: Jim Conallen


Plans, requests, and results for builds and deployments

Lead by: Umberto Caselli, Martin Pain

Automation TC

Reducing manual interactions in all phases of software development and operations

Lead by: Martin Pain

Change Management

Defects, enhancements, changes, and tasks

Lead by: Steve Speicher, Samuel Padgett

Change and Configuration Management TC

Tasks, defects, assets, and configurations at OASIS

Lead by: Nick Crossley


Increasing awareness and visibility of OSLC


Common problems with finding, creating, and updating resources

Lead by: Steve Speicher

Core TC

Integrating software with linked data at OASIS

Embedded Systems

Integrating dedicated components

Lead by: Jad El-khoury

Human factors

Promote an open approach to ease the use of Human Factors in system engineering.

Lifecycle Integration Patterns

A user group focused on finding and sharing of solutions to common lifecycle integration problems.

Lead by: Rainer Ersch, Wesley Coelho

Linked Data Platform

Writing a W3C specification for HTTP-based (RESTful) application integration patterns using read/write Linked Data.

Lead by: Arnaud J Le Hors


Mobile-specific needs

Lead by: Stephanie Trunzo


Exchanging project management information across organizational boundaries

Lead by: Mikio